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  • Road Management

    70% of highway closings are caused by dangerous weather.

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  • Railway

    We support safe and punctual management for railways.

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  • Transportation

    Transportation business must consider safety and efficiency.

  • Local Government

    We support disaster mitigation to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

  • Event Management

    We support events nationwide.

  • Facility Management

    For safe and comfortable building facilities.

  • Manufacturing Management

    One lightning strike can result ruin semiconductor production.

  • Telecommunications Carriers

    Helping to ensure phone connections during natural disasters.

  • Insurance

    For insurances companies, protecting policy holders against weather damage is an important theme.

  • Air Quality Analysis

    Supports safe and comfortable business activities and daily life, visualizing causes of atmospheric polution.

  • Construction

    Setting concrete can be affected even by the smallest amount of rain.

  • River Administration

    Residents need severe weather alerts for flooding.

  • Dynamic Climate Change

    Abnormal weather, climate change and environmental issues.

  • Terrestrial Phenomena

    Constantly monitoring geological phenomena like earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes.

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  • Mobile/Internet

    The world's largest mobile weather information site, changing the future of weather forecasting.

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  • Travel

    Weather forecasts are essential for planning your trip.

  • Farm

    Let’s reap a harvest by creating a relationship with the weather!

  • Flower

    Helping you enjoy life with plants and flowers.

  • Weather Literacy

    Your own weather forecast with all the people in the world contributing.

  • Disaster Reduction

    Disasters occur even in places where we say, “It can’t happen here.”

  • Star

    Look up at the night sky, and experience the wonder and magic.

  • Photo

    We receive over 5000 sky and seasonal photos everyday.

  • Space Weather

    As sunspots flare, so does the beauty of the Aurora Borealis.

  • Wellness

    Skillful application of weather forecasts for a healthier life.

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