Terms of Use

Weather information provided by Weathernews Inc. on its Web site is based on meteorological analysis. It therefore has limits (risk of non-accuracy) inherent in the analytical methods used. Unknown factors, such as sudden changes in weather-related forces not included in the foundation for such analysis, may cause differences between weather forecasts and the actual weather conditions that later prevail.

Small and unusual weather conditions attributable to geographical features and other local factors may also cause differences between forecasts and the actual weather that emerges.

Rapid changes in terrestrial, meteorological, or hydrological phenomena in nature involve unpredictable and unknowable elements and may cause unforeseen weather situations at any time for reasons beyond human imagination. When you use our Web site, therefore, we ask that you do so strictly for reference in deciding what action to take based on what you see and read.We also ask you to prepare for all potential risks at your own responsibility. That involves, for example, obtaining the latest local weather information prior to, say, departing on a trip, and to act accordingly.

It should be noted that Weathernews and its directors and employees are not responsible for loss of life or damage to persons or property resulting from reliance on the informational content from our website or from actions carried out on the basis of such information.


In principle, the copyright for contents on our Web site belongs to Weathernews. Besides the copyright for individual contents, the editing copyright arising from the editing of such contents in the form of Web pages also belongs to Weathernews. The copyright for contributions by persons other than Weathernews employees, however, and photos by independent photographers, essentially belongs to those authors.

Handling of copyright

If contents from our Web site are used beyond the range of use permitted under the Copyright Law, such as private use and the quoting of content, permission for use must be obtained from Weathernews. For contents contributed from outside, permission of the respective author is also required. Performing such acts as reproduction, translation, adaptation, broadcasting, publication, sale or lending of displays appearing on our Web site is prohibited without permission. Transfer of all or part of the contents on our Web site to Web sites other than the Weathernews site, PC communications, intranets, electronic mail, or other media without permission from Weathernews, whether by profit-making concerns, nonprofit organizations, or individuals, constitutes a violation of Weathernews’ copyright and is prohibited.

Scope of quotations permitted

Quotations as defined under the Copyright Law refer to using part of an article for media reports, critiques, research, or other purposes within a range justifiable as compared with such purposes by specifying its source and the portion of the original quoted.In addition, a relationship is required in which the quoting party is principal and the quoted party is subordinate. Failure to meet these requirements does not constitute quotation as permitted under the Law, requiring permission by Weathernews for use.

Transfer of contents for other purposes

Modifying or summarizing the contents of Weathernews as published on its Web site is prohibited without permission. Transferring the contents for other purposes is also prohibited.

Download of contents

Download by an individual of contents published on the Weathernews Web site to his or her own PC is interpreted as “reproduction for personal use” as permitted under the Copyright Law. Only the individual, however, or his or her family may use the downloaded contents. Whether for profit-making or non-profit purposes, if an individual downloads contents from the Weathernews Web page and makes it available for use by persons other than the individual at his or her company or other places, permission is required from Weathernews because such action extends beyond the range of “personal use.”

Weathernews may change the content of these terms of use at any time.If changes are made, all new information will be posted on this page.