Service Flow

Service Flow 1 Analyze Risks; Develop and Propose Solutions

Our risk analysts -- with expertise in the weather-related risks of each market -- will analyze your risks and use AI engines developed by our data engineers -- professionals in handling weather data -- to develop and propose solutions and contents to address those risks.

Our risk analysts will identify the risks
in your business pertaining to weather
AI engines specific to weather
Our experienced data engineers
will develop AI engines

Service Flow 2 Collect Observation Data Needed for the Weather Forecast

We use not only observation data from public weather services around the world and our own data, but also observation data and weather reports from our customers and subscribers.

Observation Data from Around the World

Observation data from public weather services worldwide

Proprietary Network

13000 locations by which obtain our own data

Weather Reports

on average to report weather conditions and eye-servation

Customer Data

Observation data from customers in
(e.g.: Reports from vessels and aircrafts)

The World's Largest
Database for Meteorological,
Maritime and Terrestrial

Service Flow 3 Make High-Quality Forecasts with Our Proprietary AI Weather Forecasting System

We make our forecasts by taking the observation data into our proprietary AI forecasting system. We test and improve these systems to provide the quality you need.

Our Forecast Center monitors weather and disasters 24 hours around the clock

We also have dedicated teams to monitor and analyze the conditions of earthquakes, volcanoes, tropical cyclones and sea ice.

Service Flow 4 Provide Risk Communication

Contents based on the latest forecast are provided to address your risks. Our risk communicators who are knowledgeable in your business will support you around the clock.

Example: Our “Optimum Ship
Routeing (OSR) Service and Contents
for Shipping Companies

In our OSR service, the risk communi in our Voyage Planning team will have close communication with captains and operators to suggest the voyage plan which best suits your purposes -- not only in regards to safety, but also by taking into account other business priorities such as fuel consumption or arrival time.

Our Risk Analysts will
examine your business and develop
“Solution Contents” for you

Underlying risks like excess fuel consumption or delay in arrival can be calculated and displayed, based on business data such as the vessel’s fuel consumption and schedule.