Weathernews Basic Policy on Information Security

Weathernews’ mission is to be of service to people in their time of need, so we and our group companies aim to provide truly useful weather services to each and every person in the world, together with local residents, by mobilizing all staff members and continuing to develop our Supporter value creation. We recognize that it is our corporate social responsibility to provide continuous and stable services based on weather as a fifth public infrastructure along with water, electricity, transportation, and telecommunication utilities. In order to continue to provide socially important services, we have established and will comply with this basic policy to protect our Supporters and our own information assets from any threats and to ensure necessary information security.

    Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    WNI shall comply with all laws, requirements, regulations, rules, contractual obligations, and other social norms related to information security. In the event of any violation, WNI will take appropriate action.
    Establishment of Information Security Management System
    In order to protect and properly manage all information assets held by WNI, the executive officer in charge of each business segment shall be assigned as the information security officer, and a system shall be established to promptly implement information security measures.
    Risk Assessment and Implementation of Countermeasures
    In order to protect important information assets from all threats to confidentiality, integrity, and availability, WNI will implement risk assessments and countermeasures, and periodically review risks to prevent information leaks, loss, and falsification.
    Information Security Training
    WNI provides all staff members with the necessary information security training according to their duties and tasks to ensure that they are familiar with the basic policy and various regulations, and to raise their awareness of information security.
    Response to Information Security Emergencies
    In the event of an information security emergency, WNI will respond promptly and appropriately, and take measures to prevent recurrence.
    Inspection and Improvement
    To ensure that information assets are properly managed, WNI conducts internal audits on a regular basis and verifies the results. Furthermore, we will continuously improve our information security management system in consideration of changes surrounding information security both internally and externally.

Tomohiro Ishibashi, President and Representative Director
Weathernews Inc.