Supporter Value Creation

Mutual Interest and Collaboration with Supporters

WNI creates valuable content in sympathy with its supporters and become a company that continues to develop and function as the Fifth Public Infrastructure.

Reciprocating Appreciation Back to Supporters

WNI shows appreciation for Supporters with ongoing value creation. Our profits are reinvested to further enhance value creation in a cycle of reciprocation for our Supporters.

Most Preferred Content Maker

WNI will become a content maker that continues to be loved and expected by supporters by continuously asking supporters about its contents and services in a Data-Driven manner, and by drawing out and developing new values as an aggressively adaptable company.

Challenge to Innovative Service

WNI always challenges itself to create innovative services and develop completely new markets with no fear of failure, as a first penguin, with an unorthodox way of thinking.

Contribute to the Planet’s Environment

WNI will become a company that faces the changes in the global environment caused by climate change and leads the development of a sustainable society for the next generation. With a renewed desire to "protect the future of the Earth," its people takes pride and make it their mission to contribute to the global environment, not only through business, but also through the efforts of each and every employee, together with its 8 billion supporters.

The World’s Information Exchange Platform

As a global content maker, WNI will create a global weather culture by sensing, analyzing, and predicting all kinds of data and information related to weather and climate in a nonchalant manner and continuing open communication through its content.


WNI creates sophisticated service value, maximum productivity, and highest quality content by fully actualizing eight merits (Staff Merit, System Merit, Speed Merit, Shift Merit, Scale Merit, Scope Merit, Shareware Merit, Supporter Merit), and enabling those who can maximize them.

High Contribution, High Profit, High Sharing

Make high contributions through new value creation, high profits through toll-gate type business, and investments for the next value creation to achieve a fair distribution to shareholders and employee supporters.

Self-Achievement, Helping Others’ Achievements

Each staff has dreams, passions, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Each of us honors these principles, while moving forward toward self-achievement, and at the same time, helping our colleagues, collaborators and partners achieve self-actualization through Co-growth.