Supporter Value Creation

To realize Supporter Value Creation through innovative and revolutionary ideas using out-of-the-box thinking, gathering the efforts of all WNI staff as a daiken kigyo is the best management fundamental principle.

Mutual Interest and Collaboration with Supporters

Sharing mutual interest with Supporters, we will create mutually valuable content with them. We are committed to constantly upgrading the information infra-structure that supports the value creation process, and ensuring uninterrupted service and support.

Maximize Corporate Value with Stable Growth

Like the first-penguin jumping into the water without fear of failure, we strive to be a long-term sustainable business centered around toll-gate type strategic focused business creating innovative service. The index of growth will be the growth of toll-gate-type sales.

Reciprocating Appreciation Back to Supporters

Our appreciation calls for the onward value creation. The resulting profit is in turn used to further enhance the continuation of this value creation. WNI’s business is designed to maintain this chain of reciprocating appreciation.

High Contribution, High Profit, High Sharing

We are dedicated to constantly pursuing new knowledge and technology, archiving big contributions by jointly providing a larger and more efficient network service, striving always for higher profits, and allowing management to use it for new value creation and for a high distribution of profit to shareholders and staff based on capability and output. All staffs understand that opportunities are equal, yet individual results may be different, so they are provided with fair and easy-to-understand promotional criteria that will allow staff to have a sense of challenge and work fulfillment, and have promotional and incentive opportunities to strive to be a first class business person.

Most Preferred Content Maker

As an AAC (Aggressively Adaptable Company), we will proactively and aggressively approach the market (i.e. needs and wants of Supporters) and become the most preferred and reliable content maker.

Information Democracy

As the strongest and largest global content maker, WNI will be the pioneer of the weather culture around the world and contribute to the information democracy of the 21st Century through observation, eye-servation, and analysis of all meaningful and interesting data, and through sharing and exchanging of such information with all seven billion people on Earth.

Self-Achievement, Helping Other’s Achievements

Each staff having full entrepreneurial spirit, dreams and passions, and each honoring principles, nationality, gender, and age while moving forward toward self-achievement and at the same time helping other staff achieve self-achievement.


Let’s realize highly advanced value creation, maximum productivity, and highest quality by fully utilizing 8S (Staff Merit, System Merit, Speed Merit, Shift Merit, Scale Merit, Scope Merit, Shareware Merit, and Supporter Merit) and by giving power to those who can maximize its effect.

Global People Committee to Contributing to Society

Let’s take action based on the original motivation of Weathernews; to save the lives of mariners. We will take pride in being a member of Weathernews and believe it to be our mission to contribute to the 7 billion Supporters around the world by improving weather literacy.