Supporter Value Creation

Supporter Value Creation is using innovative, revolutionary and discontinuous ideas with out-of-the-box thinking realized through efforts of all Weathernews (WNI) staff to assist our Supporters in their times of need. This is our top management principle.

Mutual Interest and Collaboration with Supporters

WNI shares the interests of our Supporters, and creates relevant content together with them. We are committed to constantly upgrading our information gathering infrastructure to support the value creation process and ensure uninterrupted service and support.

Reciprocating Appreciation Back to Supporters

WNI shows appreciation for Supporters with ongoing value creation. Our profits are reinvested to further enhance value creation in a cycle of reciprocation for our Supporters.

Most Preferred Content Maker

As an aggressively and adaptable Company (AAC), WNI actively catches the changes in the market and approaches the needs and desires of Supporters to become their most preferred and reliable content provider.

Challenge to Innovative Service

Like the first-penguin jumping into the water without fear of failure, WNI constantly endeavors to create innovative services and the development of completely new markets.

Information Democracy

WNI is pioneering weather culture around the world through eye-servation and analysis of all meaningful and interesting data. Through sharing and exchanging of such information with all 7.8 billion people on Earth, as the strongest and largest global content maker. Additionally, we contribute to sustainable development for the next generation and the realization of information democracy to address climate change and other changes in the global environment.


WNI creates sophisticated service value, maximum productivity, and highest quality content by fully actualizing eight merits (Staff Merit, System Merit, Speed Merit, Shift Merit, Scale Merit, Scope Merit, Shareware Merit, Supporter Merit), and enabling those who can maximize them.

Stable Growth

WNI strives to be a company that continues to expand and grow our global business by reinforcing our Toll Gate revenue base and creating new businesses.

High Contribution, High Profit, High Sharing

WNI is constantly pursuing wider and more efficient service, and striving for higher profits, for a high returns to our shareholders and staff. Opportunities are equal at WNI, yet individual results may be different, so we provide fair and easy-to-understand criteria for professional advancement that challenge staff and with satisfying work with incentive opportunities.

Self-Achievement, Helping Others’ Achievements

Each staff has dreams, passions, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Each of us honors these principles, while moving forward toward self-achievement, and at the same time, helping our colleagues, collaborators and partners achieve self-actualization through Co-growth.

Global People Committed to Contributing to Society

Weathernews was originally founded to save the lives of seamen, and takes pride in our chosen mission to assist to the 7.8 billion Supporters around the globe by improving weather literacy.