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In Weathernews, Inc., to analyze your usage of the web site, with respect to improve the service for individual customers, for the purpose of, for example, to provide customized services and advertising for individual customers, using the Cookie to will collect certain information.

  1. About Cookie
    • Cookies are pieces of information stored on your computer (or other Internet-capable device such as a smartphone or tablet) that help your device remember this site. Cookies allow us to obtain information about your browsing of websites on available computers and information such as the pages you have visited. The information collected through the use of cookies does not include any information that can identify an individual customer. Customers may set their browsers to refuse to accept cookies, but please note that if they do, they may not be able to receive some of the services.
      An ad ID is an identifier for ad delivery used in smartphone terminals, etc. For example, an ad ID used for Android devices is called an "ADID" and an ad ID used for iOS devices is called an "IDFA". An ad ID is obtained when an application is installed on a customer's device. It is possible to deliver advertisements based on an ad ID that has information about the application being used by an individual.
  2. Purpose of Cookie
    • (1) Cookies are used to enable customers to browse websites, identify their computers, and make services available to them. Therefore, by storing a cookie on your computer, you will not have to repeatedly enter the same information, thereby increasing the convenience of accessing the website on your browser.
    • (2) Weathernews may use the information collected through the use of cookies to analyze your use of the website (access status, traffic, routes, etc.) and to provide improved services from Weathernews to you and to improve the performance of the website itself. Our processing of your cookie information is based on your consent where cookie information is necessary for the operation of our website. You may refuse to provide consent by following the instructions on how to refuse cookies and similar technologies. We also have a legitimate interest in using cookie information when it is necessary for the performance or improvement of our website.
    • (3) Weathernews Inc. may classify customers according to specific conditions such as interests, concerns, and age groups inferred from information collected by cookies, etc., and provide information (segments) related to this classification to advertising distributors, media companies and other advertising companies.
    • In addition, the following tools were primarily used in this analysis.
      • Google Analytics
        • Tool providers: Google Inc.
        • Google Privacy Policy
        • https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en
        • Information is collected through the tool: the usage of your website (access conditions, traffic, site migration, etc.)
      • Pardot
  3. How to Disable Cookies and Similar Technologies
    • (1) All cookies can be disabled Cookies remain on the device unless the customer deletes them themselves or they expire as stipulated. Most browsers enable automatic acceptance of cookies by default, but customers can disable cookies by changing their browser settings. However, please note that if you disable cookies, some features of the website may not be available, and some pages may not display properly.
    • (2) Rejecting certain cookies How to stop the provision of information to the tools described in section 2(2) is described in the links below, respectively. However, please note that if you delete all of these cookies, you may be restricted in using the products and services provided by each company.
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    • Weathernews Inc.
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