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Weathernews provides contents that enhance the elements of strategy for people competing in races.

In motor sports, where even just a wet track after a passing rainshower can make cars lose several seconds per lap, it is vitally important to identify weather conditions and use this information to formulate race strategies.
With regard to race strategies, the most important element is tire selection.
Is the track surface dry or wet, and what is the exact temperature of the track surface? It is necessary to choose from a wide variety of tires depending on the circuit conditions, and this tire selection has a great impact on the outcome of the race. Also, to enable the cars to reach extreme speeds, one vital element is achieving the best machine settings taking into account the effects of wind. For this reason, detailed and accurate weather information is required, as well as the ability to deal with changes in weather conditions.

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Race Strategy Support Service

To support tire selection and the effective planning of race strategies, Weathernews provides pinpoint predictions around the circuit over periods of several weeks leading up to race day, offering full support for race strategies.Making the best use of our own original technology, we are able to provide teams with detailed predictions of track temperatures and conditions.