Weather content service for broadcasting and digital media

Concept of Broadcasting Weather Service

For Supporters, WITH Supporters

We support customers by creating diverse weather content for our Supporters and their various life-styles.

Service 1

TV Weather Programs

The various elements and content differ by the broadcasting region and the scale of natural phenomenon. It is now possible to broadcast and record weather graphics automatically generated from basic JMA data and proprietary Weathernews data. (WITH Radar, Storm Radar, TSUNAMI Radar, etc.)
Innovative and highly reliable system in use by 200 cable television stations in Japan and broadcasts for overseas countries. 

Service 2

Digital Signage

A critical function of information devices, we provide the appropriate original weather content for train stations, airports, elevators building lobbies, vending machines and restrooms.
We can make an impression on to viewers (a.k.a. Supporters) by generating content from basic JMA data and data collected through Weathernews’ proprietary infrastructure.

Business Achievement

Content for over 90 commercial broadcasting stations in Japan (80% share of the Japanese market)
Content for public broadcasting, satellite broadcasting, and overseas datacasting
Content for over 200 cable television station in Japan reaching 15 million households
Satellite Broadcasting for overseas countries:
  Content for Hong Kong satellite broadcasts
  Content for Taiwan satellite broadcasts