Weathernews understands that performance assessment is not just a post voyage concern. Rather, parties are interested in understanding how a vessel is performing throughout a given voyage. For this reason, Weathernews offers products that assess performance both during a voyage, and after a voyage.


En route

Ongoing / real-time ship speed and consumption monitoring combined with “Good Weather Analysis”. Objective analysis of weather / sea conditions encountered by the vessel. A Preliminary Auditing Report. ETA & consumption monitoring compared to voyage estimate.  


 Pre/Post Voyage

A Confirmed Auditing Report. Comparative weather analysis of Master reports, independent nearby ship reports, independent government satellite reports and Weathernews unique weather analysis with verifiable accuracies. Auditing Q & A for additional explanation on our reports.

Voyage Audit Report

  • Overall performance assessment and accompanying charter party terms.


  • Special remarks and/or notes, if any.


  • Speed and consumption calculations and analyses.


  • Distance and speed analysis performance both during a voyage (Mid Voyage Audit Report), and after a voyage.


  • Verified weather, sea, and ocean current.


  • Sample


Fleet Performance Status Monitoring  Report

  • Daily push notification by Email to onshore operator regarding performance assessment for underway voyages up to most recent noon.


  • Speed and consumption calculations and analysis.
  • Each push notification contains a vessel specific link to the T-MAX En Route Risk Monitoring platform.

En Route Risk Monitoring

  • Password protected, highly secured web platform for viewing the performance assessment for underway voyages up to most recent noon.


  • Speed and Consumption assessment with graphical summary for individual vessel performance.


  • Detailed weather, sea, and ocean current analysis.


  • Vessel specific analysis and fleet wide analysis available.

Q&A Communication Support

  • 24×7 communication support for any questions related to WNI Voyage Audit Report by dedicated expert staff.


  • 24×7 Support for disputes involving WNI Voyage Audit Reports.



WNI Official Performance Auditing

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