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Case Study of Weathernews Inc.’s Disaster Reduction Collaboration with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is Posted on UN Disaster Reduction Agency's Online Platform
A Successful Example in Asia of a Public-Private Partnership Utilizing Japan’s Bosai Knowledge and Latest Forecasting Technology

Published on Mar 28, 2024

On February 6, 2024, Weathernews and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's joint project was posted on the Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction Voluntary Commitment Online Platform*1 as one of the activities contributing to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction*2.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is facing great risks from weather disasters such as localized precipitation events due to rapid urbanization and severe land subsidence. The project aims to reduce the risk of natural disasters and enhance the resilience of the area, including countermeasures against internal flooding, by precisely predicting local precipitation phenomena over a three-year period starting in April 2023 through the application of observation data owned by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and our latest technology for predicting precipitation amounts and precipitation areas.

The UNDRR's Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction Voluntary Commitment Online Platform was developed in response to a 2013 UN General Assembly resolution and launched in preparation for the World Conference on Disaster Reduction (WCDRR) in March 2015 to support international activities and partnership building to implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction. We are very pleased that our project to leverage the forecasting technology developed in Japan for long-standing issues in Bangkok, Thailand has been officially introduced on this platform as a new example of public-private partnership.

As natural disasters become more severe and frequent due to climate change, we believe that Japan's disaster prevention technology, experience, and insight should be utilized in many more countries and regions in the future. As a member of the private sector, we will continue to cooperate and collaborate with governments and international organizations not only in the field of weather and climate, but also in the field of disaster prevention, and contribute to disaster prevention and resilience improvement around the world.

*1 Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction Voluntary Commitment Online Platform (our listing page)

*2 Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction 2015-2030–This framework was adopted at the 3rd United Nations World Conference on Disaster Reduction to reduce disaster risks (explanation page on the UNDRR website).

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