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Weathernews to reduce fleet emissions by up to 4%

Weathernews announces a 3 year contract with BP Shipping for the provision of safe weather and optimum routing services to the BP Shipping fleet.This is significant because it will help BP Shipping work toward a goal of an annual reduction of up to 4% in emissions from its global tanker fleet. The contract award follows an extensive trial period and subsequent competitive tender process.


Weathernews will be working closely with BP Shipping's Masters to provide the very best possible weather and voyage planning information in order that Masters can ensure their voyages are not only the safest, but the most efficient in terms of fuel consumption.

The fuel and emissions savings proven during the trial period are consistent with the potential shown in previous studies, including the International Maritime Organization (IMO) “Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships”(2000).

Weathernews'European Director Con Carey is hoping that other shipping companies will follow BP Shipping's example. “This is a win-win situation, where a system which enhances safety and reduces fuel consumption can be provided at a cost which is a fraction of the resultant savings made“ he says.

The system “Total Fleet Management Service” (TFMS) has been developed in partnership with Weathernews' large shipping clients over a number of years. Masters receive fully comprehensive recommendations and forecasts and an onboard system to simulate possible sailing routes. Onshore, operators can view the entire fleet via the web and are alerted to potential problems before they occur. In effect, the system closes the loop between the Master and the onshore operator in terms of weather risk and scheduling of voyages.

Total Fleet Management Service URL: https://weathernews.com/TFMS/

With BP Shipping's heavy focus on safety and emissions reduction, a natural synergy exists with Weathernews, whose founder (Hiroyoshi Ishibashi) was a log trader in the Far East in the 1970s when a vessel he had chartered went down in bad weather with the loss of all hands.

Since then, Hiro has made it his life's work to improve safety at sea by providing the best possible meteorological information to Masters. Now, with the green agenda at the forefront of most companies' mind, Weathernews is assisting shipping companies to reduce their environmental impact by reducing fleet consumption and consequently emissions.

The article of TradeWinds(1 February 2008) download PDF (262KB)

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