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Weathernews Receives Minister of the Environment Award for Climate Action

Support to Conduct Quantitative Analysis of Physical Risks Related to Climate Change, As Well As Adaptation

The Climate Tech business segment of Weathernews Inc. (WNI) received the "2023 Minister of the Environment's Award for Climate Action" in the development and commercialization category (Adaptation field), sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan.

WNI has been working to support climate change countermeasures for businesses through SaaS-type products, including the establishment of a project team on climate change in 2019 and a specialized business unit in 2022. Specifically, WNI provides Climate Impact, a service that quantitatively analyzes physical risks such as floods and storm surges due to climate change for business locations such as factories and stores, globally, every 10 years up to the year 2100. "Acute risks" such as typhoons and floods that occur suddenly at target locations can be analyzed, as well as "chronic risks" such as rising temperatures and sea levels. Climate Impact can also be used to calculate future financial impact, and the results of these analyses are already being used by some companies in integrated reports and securities reports.

In addition, we also provide support for adaptation measures through "Weathernews for Business*," a new SaaS-type product launched for corporate customers last year. Based on the concept of backcasting, the results of "Climate Impact" analysis are reflected in corporate business continuity management and business continuity plans. The latest weather information can be checked on "Weathernews for Business" to quickly detect facilities that may be affected by rain and wind, and take countermeasures, thereby helping to avoid and mitigate risks.

The "Minister of the Environment's Award for Climate Action" is an award that recognizes the achievements of individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Weathernews Inc. will continue to contribute to the global environment by proactively addressing the changes in the global environment caused by climate change, aiming for the development of a sustainable society.

*"Weathernews for Business," is a version of “Weathernews,” the No. 1 weather app for forecast accuracy, enhanced for business use

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Weather News for business" to help avoid and mitigate risks
Climate Impact, a climate change risk analysis service


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