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The Weathernews Sports Weather Team Participate in the Japan Triathlon Union's Information Strategy and Medical Science Committees

Contributed field observations and forecasts at the Yokohama World Triathlon, May 12 - 13

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Weathernews Inc. participated in the Japan Triathlon Union's (JTU) Information Strategy and Medical Science Committees. We provide weather information to the national triathlon team to help maximize their performance, and support the organizers with customized information to help them operate the JTU-sponsored, co-sponsored, and certified competitions safely and smoothly, helping everyone involved to make the best possible preparations. The JTU-sponsored World Triathlon Series event took place in Yokohama from May 12th to 13th, and Weathernews provided support for the first time as a member of the Information Strategy and Medical Science Committees. During the event we conducted measurements around the course and provided the national team and organizers with the latest measurement data and forecasts in real time.


Participating in the Triathlon Union's Information Strategy and Medical Science Committees

Triathlon is a sport involving 3 events performed in succession: swimming, bicycle road racing, and long-distance running. Therefore, weather information is vitally important in determining strategy and tactics. For example, information on tidal currents and wave heights is used to select the optimal starting position and route for swimming, and wind velocity and direction can affect the selection of bicycle tire sizes and air pressure adjustments. We have supported the athletes on the national team since the 2016 season as an official JTU partner, and have begun to assist in the operation of JTU-sponsored events, providing information on conditions at the venue (weather, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, humidity, water temperature, tidal currents, sunrise, sunset, and more), in order to make an ally of the weather.

For this competition, in addition to being a JTU Official Partner, Weathernews also participated in JTU's Information Strategy and Medical Science Committees. As a member of these committees this season, we will support tournaments where the national team participates, assist with events that are sponsored, co-sponsored, or certified by the JTU, as well as promote the utilization of weather data in triathlon competition.

   Furthermore, in preparation for the international competition in 2020, we have already begun work on analyzing the effect of weather on the course and have been taking weather measurements around the planned course since last July. This year we plan to continue to take measurements through July and August, and to investigate whether trends around the venue. With no previous examples of weather companies providing specialized weather data analysis for triathlon competitions, Weathernews will continue to lead the world in the use of weather information to support the triathlon.


Weathernews assisted with the May 12th Yokohama Event for the first time as part of the Information Strategy and Medical Science Committees

Weathernews participated in the World Triathlon Series which took place in Yokohama from May 12th (Sat.) to 13th (Sun.) as a member of the Information Strategy and Medical Science Committees for the first time. Weathernews supported the athletes and team in addition to assisting with event operations. By arranging thorough briefings beforehand, we provided competitors and teams with weather information to help them optimize their performance. Our team also provided event organizers with customized weather information to help ensure that the competition ran smoothly and safely. This enabled everyone involved to make the best possible preparations.

Weathernews sent staff from our Sports Weather Team to the venue on event days, where they provided weather forecasts and respond to various inquiries from the headquarters. They also took weather measurements at various points around the course and shared the data in real time.


Comments from Japan Triathlon Union Chairman, Mitsuhide Iwaki

"The triathlon involves swimming, biking, and running successively in natural environments, so it is affected by various weather elements such as temperature, humidity, wind, and sunlight. Therefore, it is important for the athletes to understand weather forecasts and observation data in order to develop their race strategies. Awareness of weather conditions also helps the organizers run the event smoothly and safely. Accurate weather data is valuable information that is useful to everyone involved in the triathlon. It is highly encouraging to have the assistance of Weathernews in approaching challenges that are specific to the triathlon. The triathlon family will join together under Team Japan as we aim for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, so we appreciate your ongoing support."


Weathernews supports the development and promotion of triathlon races at international and world events as well as triathlon, paratriathlon, and related competitions.


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