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Aiming to contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation in India,

Weathernews Participated in India-Japan Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction 2018

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  Weathernews Inc. participated in the India-Japan Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction 2018 held in held from March 19th to 20th in the Indian capital of Delhi. This workshop was organized jointly by the governments of India and Japan based on a bilateral Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) signed on December 9th, 2017 between the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India and the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan to develop bilateral cooperation in the field of disaster risk reduction. The total number of participants from India and Japan was about 140 people, including two participants from the Weathernews local office in India. The workshop focused on earthquake and tsunami countermeasures, in which many experts from Indian side and Japanese side did presentations and held active discussions. In addition, as many experts of specialized agencies from a wide variety of fields participated this workshop, there were many meaningful exchanges of opinions to advance disaster mitigation in India.

  As India, much like Japan, is a country of frequent earthquakes and often suffers damage from natural disasters, there is a need to reduce the risk of natural disaster for sustainable development of the country. In consideration of the direction of this workshop, the disaster risk reduction should be seen not as a cost to economic growth but rather as a valuable asset for the country, Weathernews will consider a way to contribute to disaster risk reduction for the people of India as a meteorological information company, cooperating and working together with governments, academies, private companies and citizens.

the scene of workshop
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