Proprietary infrastructure that realizes the “How Wonderful!”.
Creating infrastructure that detects what normally can’t be detected together with our Supporters.


    Weathernews’ ultra compact satellite.

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  • WITH Radar

    Early detection of thunderstorms and tornados.

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  • TSUNAMI Radar

    Advanced warning for tsunamis.

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  • Storm Radar

    Scanning for strong winds before they reach land.

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  • WITH Sensor

    Analyzing elements of thunderstorms and cyclones every minute!

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  • YURE Station

    Measuring vibrations in real places, in real-time.

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  • Pollen Robo

    Pollen breathing robot for your home or business.

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  • Seaman’s Eye

    One more eye for the Captain, RIGHT NOW.

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  • Live Camera

    Real-time images for transportation infrastructure safety.

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