WITH Sensor


One minute measurements of six weather elements for Analyzing Sudden Torrential Thunderstorms and Tropical Cyclones!

The WITH Sensor takes one minute observations of temperature, pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine and UV rays. By measuring such detailed information, it can be used for monitoring changes in surface temperature and pressure, which are important in predicting the potential for sudden, torrential thunderstorms, or the so-called “guerilla” thunderstorms as they are known colloquially in Japan. Because the observations are minutely, we can also catch the quick changes in pressure that are often seen when there are tornadic or wind gust situations. The sensors are also useful for monitoring the movement of tropical cyclones, for which changes in air pressure are an important element. Presently there are 3,000 WITH Sensors set around Japan making it the nation’s largest meteorological observation network.

Soratenna (Weathernews and KDDI)


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