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Concept of Oil & Gas Weather Service

Weather plays a vital role in the offshore industry. Demand for high quality accurate and reliable forecasts ensure that projects can deliver safely and efficiently. In addition having knowledge of upcoming weather conditions allows clients to plan for downtime, saving costs on materials, saving costs on equipment damage, reducing risk to the environment and personnel.

Our many customers include oil majors, drilling, exploration, production and related service providers. We have a particularly strong presence in the Dutch, UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea and provide service to companies in other areas of operation worldwide.

Offshore Operation: Safety and planning for offshore operations
Onshore Operation: Safe port operation for oil/gas handling and berthing operations
Transport & Towage: Supporting safety and planning for all marine transports


Go or No Go Decision Support

Weathernews can support all types of offshore operations which can only performed below certain weather limits. In special tailor-made products these restraints can be highlighted when the conditions are expected to have a high impact on a planned operation. It enables to get an overview of how forecast conditions will affect the customers’ own operations.


Operable Window Decision Support

Besides basic table and graph outlooks, Weathernews is also offering so-called Ensemble Forecasts. These probability forecasts out to 10 days are available for significant wave height and wind, presented in a graphical format that enables the identification of potential weather opportunities and therefore the possibility of minimizing project costs.


Dedicated forecaster

Weathernews can also provide a forecaster on-site or offshore to assist during times of weather sensitive operations. Also weather briefings by a forecaster in our office can be requested at any time. This allows decision makers to make informed choices in marginal situations ensuring the most appropriate action is taken.

Words of our customers

“We are very satisfied with how accurate the prediction have been considering the difficulty predicting localized weather effects in the gulf of Finland. Since we entered the Gulf of Finland wind speeds are fluctuating (high/low) around the predicted wind speeds. Forecasted wind directions are generally accurate, whereas experienced wind seas are marginally higher than forecasted but well in acceptable limits. We realize that this is due to our proximity to land, making it more difficult to predict and forecast local effects. Response time has always been excellent, we receive the email the same time every day, and have always received a fast response to our updated positions. For the layout we are happy with the current setup.”

// Allseas Calamity Jane bride team

“Weather forecasts were extremely accurate, basis which we could plan our operations. This was the first time we experienced NE winds of this intensity and have gained valuable experience in terms of what the vessel response is, in such conditions, and safe boundary limits that could be set up for winds from the northern quadrant.”

// FSU master Armada LNG Mediterrana:

“Thanks for your kind support and forecasting. The typhoon information around South China sea was really helpful for us to make correct sailing plan. My vessel reached her destination safely”

// GPS Datanet

Many thanks for the report – that’s what I was after. I have shared the necessary with the Project Team"

// BP Operations manager