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Concept of Football Weather Service

Supporting creation of the safest stadium environment in the world.

Weather phenomena impacting the football industry
Thunder/lightning, torrential downpours, and gust winds

Service 1

Service that Supports Play/No-Play Decision Making

Faces various weather risk, we support your judgment of whether game holding is possible. JFA(Japan Football Association) and J-League(Japanese top league), JRFU(Japan Rugby Football Union) use this service.

Case example

We made a recommendation to J-League that they can play, but rain started falling during the match, followed by thunder and lightning. Weathernews forecast the current position of the thunder/lightning, predicting the position of thunder clouds after that, and informed the event organizers that no lightning would strike near the stadium. The game was suspended after seventy-five of play due to safety concerns, but resumed after that, and fans were able to enjoy the rest of the match. Normally in the event there is no information available when thunder rolls, game cancellations are common, but on this particular day, by Weathernews monitoring the position of the weather risks, and informing that there were no problems for the game in terms of safety, there was no cancellation nor any disappointed spectators.