OIC Workshop 2022

Nov. 9th, 2022 3:00PM - 6:00PM @ Radar Innovations Laboratory (RIL 202)

Workshop Program


15:00Welcoming RemarksBerrien Moore, Dean, College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences
15:10Opening RemarksChihito Kusabiraki, CEO, Weathernews Inc.
15:15Award Ceremony of the Weathernews Endowed Scholarship 
15:40Scholarship Recipient PresentationRachael Cross, University of Oklahoma
15:20Challenge to apply visualization technologies to weather observation and analysisMasaya Yamamoto, Weathernews Inc.
16:00Innovative method for sea wave observationJinghui Fan, Weathernews Inc.


Short break


16:20OU-WNI Snow White: An observation-based forecast system for lake-effect snow prediction in Japan ~Production stage~Michihiro Teshiba, Weathernews Inc.
16:40Challenge of detection and watch for winter transportation risks with dual-frequency techniqueAyano Ueki, Weathernews Inc.
17:00Applications of X-band weather radar network: Making the invisible “VISIBLE”Michihiro Teshiba, Weathernews Inc.
17:20Eagle radar deployment and utilization in JapanArina Sasaki, Weathernews Inc.
17:40Closing RemarksRobert Palmer, Executive Director, Advanced Radar Research Center