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Start of Collaboration with The Chiba Bank, Ltd. on Climate Change Information Disclosure
Supporting Quantitative Analysis of Climate Change Risk

Published on Oct 18, 2022

Weathernews will collaborate with The Chiba Bank, Ltd. (President: Tsutomu Yonemoto) on the disclosure of climate change-related information.

Weathernews will collaborate with Chiba Bank in the analysis of climate change-related information and provide support for disclosure based on the recommendations of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure). Specifically, Chiba Bank will disclose the results of its quantitative analysis of climate change risk (physical risk) in its integrated report to be published at the end of July this year, based on the assessment of future climate change impacts in Chiba Prefecture provided by the Company.

In recent years, the damage caused by extreme weather events and natural disasters associated with global warming has become increasingly severe, affecting the business operations of an increasing number of companies. Going forward, Weathernews and Chiba Bank will continue to work together to enhance the disclosure of climate change-related information, and will consider collaborating to provide a wide range of solutions on climate change issues to Chiba Bank's business partners.

In the future, we will also support Chiba Bank's efforts to realize a decarbonized society as stated in the Chiba Bank Group Environmental Policy.