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Enrollment in the Chiba SDGs Partner Registration Program
Strengthening SDGs Partnerships in Chiba Prefecture

Published on Sep 05, 2022

Weathernews is now enrolled in the Chiba SDGs Partner Registration program, Chiba Prefecture’s initiative to promote SDGs. This initiative started in November 2021 to raise greater awareness for and encourage specific activities to promote the SDGs among businesses and other organizations in Chiba.

SDGs stands for the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 adopted at the UN Summit which identify 17 goals in light of social issues across the world. Specific responses to climate change are an important theme among these goals. Weathernews is committed to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, especially in light of weather, our business domain, and based on our philosophy of "Helping out in times of need". We believe it is crucial to take action to achieve these goals while demonstrating partnership with various stakeholders, including individuals, companies, governments, and universities.

We are actively engaged in activities in Chiba Prefecture through partnerships, such as an agreement with Chiba City, where our head office is located, to work together to address climate change, as well as hold weather classes for local students. Through the program, we will work closely with companies and entities in Chiba Prefecture, making progressive efforts to pursue SDGs activities.

Chiba SDGs Partner Enrollment Certificate