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Weathernews Inc. Establishes Copenhagen Service Center to Support European Shipping Industry

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Weathernews Inc. (Chiba, Japan; Chihito Kusabiraki/CEO) announced that it has opened a new Voyage Planning Service operations center in Denmark this month. Along with reinforcing the service team for European customers adopting Optimum Ship Routeing (OSR) service that supports voyages by appropriately matching the business objectives of each voyage, the new outpost in Copenhagen aims to improve the satisfaction of existing customers through close communication. Also, the establishment of the Copenhagen Service Center completes a global three-zone service operations network comprised of the Oklahoma Service Center in USA, and Weathernews Global Service Center in Japan. Weathernews will now provide reliable risk communication services to customers in the global shipping industry from these three outposts in Asia, North America and Europe with no time-lag. This will bring Weathernews closer to companies in the shipping industry, and deepen understanding of their needs for value creation in things like new service developments.

Copenhagen Center Opens, Reinforcing Service Team for European Shipping Customers


Weathernews is currently providing voyage planning services to over six-thousand vessels, and about half of those are owned/operated by European shipping companies. Last year, hearing positive voices from the European shipping market for adopting OSR Service that supports voyages appropriately accommodating the priorities of each voyage, Weathernews has expanded the service team this time in Europe opening the Copenhagen Service Center in Copenhagen, a city known for the business presence of major European shipping companies. After this, the new service center will make efforts to improve the satisfaction of existing customers, as well as new ones through making possible tight communication through full-time service operations staff. Through this center, Weathernews will better identify the needs of the shipping market in Europe, taking voyage planning service to a higher level and driving service development that responds to the European market

Support for Global Shipping Customers with Three-Zone Service Operations in Asia, America and Europe

Until now, Weathernews has been providing weather based risk-communication service to shipping companies worldwide from two operations centers in Japan and the USA. By adding the Copenhagen Service Center in Denmark this time, Weathernews has established a three-zone service operations team in Asia, North America and Europe. After this Weathernews will provide risk communication service with no gaps for Asian customers from Chiba, Japan, for American customers from Oklahoma, USA and for European customers from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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