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Weathernews supports the people of Nepal and the earthquake disaster relief effort by the provision of local weather outlook and flight operations support

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Weathernews Inc.(Head office: Chiba, Japan; CEO: Chihito Kusabiraki) has announced its support for the Nepal Earthquake, providing local weather and geological information for people affected by the disaster and those engaged in the ongoing disaster relief effort.

Weather conditions and reports in Nepal are now available

Weathernews has released “4.25 Nepal Earthquake Information” to support safe evacuation of earthquake victims and the ongoing rescue and relief effort. Information for local weather conditions from Weathernews’ Global Prediction Center and aftershocks information from Weathernews’ Terrestrial Phenomenon Center are freely available for viewing. Due to the common occurrence of strong rain showers in Nepal during this season, Weathernews will update the information every day.Reports and images from the disaster area are also available to view via this page.

【How to access】

Application for smart phones:
Download 『Sunnycomb』 and see “notifications”

Aviation Weather team is supporting special flight operations

Weathernews’ Aviation Weather Team is providing special flight operation support for large aircraft flying to and from Nepal airports in order to aid the relief efforts. Weathernews will also provide pinpoint weather information for GO or No-Go decision making for domestic helicopter rescue.
Airlines have many challenges in landing and taking-off and at Nepalese airports, especially due to the rapidly changing weather conditions and short runways at the many airports located in mountainous areas. Weathernews will support safe flight operation by using the specialist knowledge and expertise gained from supporting the aviation market for 30 years.

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