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Vodafone Spain subscribers check “Their Own Weather” Thanks to Weathernews

MADRID (December 1st, 2005) Weathernews, Inc., the world’s largest private full-service weather company, today announcedthat users of Vodafone live! can access “their own weather” with Weathernews.

Now available in Vodafone live! >>> Noticias >>> Secciones (El Tiempo) >>> Weathernews, Weathernews’ content goes beyond traditional weather information.Not only can users get on-line weather information, such as satellite images, temperatures, and rain maps, but they also can get the weather forecasts for their favourite golf courses or football stadiums.

Furthermore, users can configure “their very own portal” so they can access the relevant information they need to plan their daily lives.

“Weathernews is dedicated to building and delivering innovative content, so our supporters – users of our services – can have fun while obtaining important information to help them plan their daily activities,” said Josep Oriol, Managing Director of Weathernews Iberia, S.A. “Now, Vodafone Spain subscribers can be sure they won’t be rained out of the most important football match of the season!”

About Weathernews Iberia, S.A.
Weathernews Iberia, S.A. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weathernews, Inc. Based in Japan, Weathernews, Inc. is the world's largest, publicly-traded, full-service weather company (TSE#1, 4825). A global organization with 37 offices in 14 countries, Weathernews delivers customized, risk communication services to businesses and individuals whose lives or livelihoods are affected by the weather.  With over 12,000 business customers and 1.5 million wireless subscribers worldwide, the company consistently evaluates and evolves existing applications for weather information while exploring additional markets and industries which would benefit operationally and financially from specific weather information and delivery methods.  Currently, Weathernews delivers weather information, analysis and risk communication services to some of the largest companies in agriculture, aviation, energy, marine, media, offshore oil and retail. For more information, go to weathernews.com.

About Vodafone Spain
Vodafone Spain is a part of Vodafone Group Plc, World leader mobile carrier with presence in 27 countries (and different agreements in other 27) and five continents, providing a complete set of services for the mobile industry, including voice and data for more than 171 million clients. Vodafone Spain, with more that 12.4 million clients, benefit from Vodafone leadership and experience and helps its individuals, business and communities to be better connected to the mobile world.

Access “your Weather” where and whenever you want!

Weathernews Inc.

Weathernews Inc. is the world's largest private weather service company.
It is the only global weather contents provider that has over 600 staffs (including more than 350 meteorologists) in 31 offices in the main cities around the world.
Weathernews offers a full range of weather content services based on a solid man & machine shareware system. In November 2003, Weathernews became the first weather service company ever listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (4825).