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Weathernews to Provide Weather Content to Telstra i-mode -- Content will be available in English, Italian, Chinese, and Greek --

Weathernews Inc., the world's largest publicly traded full service weather company, is pleased to announce that on 29 October "Weathernews" content was launched on Australia's largest telecommunication company Telstra Corporation's newest mobile phone network Telstra i-mode. Weathernews content will also be available in English, Greek, Italian and Chinese to meet the needs of Australia's multicultural society.

Telstra is Australia's leading telecommunications carrier and a world-class fully integrated, full service provider across fixed, ADSL, HFC, satellite and digital wireless networks and platforms. With the release of "Weathernews" content on Telstra i-mode's network, Weathernews will also continue to provide weather content to Telstra Corporation's WAP portal.

With the launch of Telstra i-mode services, Weathernews is now able to capitalize on its formidable successes in the Japanese mobile market where over 1.3 million subscribers continue to choose "Weathernews" content as their preferred weather information provider. In combining both advanced meteorological skills and content making know how with i-mode handsets, Weathernews is now able to provide true subscriber driven content such as weather content via Telstra i-mode i-mail service which will enable direct linking from i-mail to content pages, uniform Java applications (DoJa) and FLASH applications, not to mention direct input from subscriber contribution pages.

"Weathernews" content will range from colorful 4 day forecasts for both major Australian and international locations, Australian weather radar and satellite images, "Sport" and "Airport" weather forecasts, and of course "Marine Weather" including coastal forecasts and wave model data at first. Over the next few months leading up to Christmas, Weathernews will also release new content and ways in which subscribers can truly mitigate the effects of weather on their daily lives.Weathernews will also include "My Weathernews" where subscribers can make their own weather page with their favorite location always displayed in the Top Menu.


Some of Weathernews content will also be available in Italian, Chinese, and Greek to give Australia's multicultural society greater variety in how it wants to use the weather.
"Weathernews" content can be accessed by users of Telstra i-mode for AUD$2.20 (inc.GST) per calendar month.

Weathernews Inc.

Weathernews Inc. is the world's largest private weather service company.
It is the only global weather contents provider that has over 600 staffs (including more than 350 meteorologists) in 31 offices in the main cities around the world.
Weathernews offers a full range of weather content services based on a solid man & machine shareware system. In November 2003, Weathernews became the first weather service company ever listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (4825).