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Weathernews updates SeaNavigator platform with integrated EU ETS features including dynamic voyage simulation

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The EU ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) regulation coming into force on 1 January 2024 will have a transformative impact on the maritime industry. Shipping companies operating under the EU ETS will have to further optimise voyages to mitigate the increased costs of CO2 emissions. To help clients to manoeuvre in this challenging new regulatory environment, Weathernews has diligently updated its SeaNavigator content and service offering to include:



  • Enhanced data management: Resilient data collection to minimise errors in ship reports.
  • Validation and monitoring: Comprehensive data validation together with a smart ship reporting tool to prevent errors in the report.
  • Automated EU ETS voyage data record: Identification and calculation of CO2 impact during EU ETS-covered voyages.
  • Streamlined voyage records: User-friendly features for keeping and managing EU ETS voyage records.


The standout offering among these new features is the integration of simulation and predictive capabilities enabled by our bespoke AI-driven machine-learning technology. With the EU ETS requiring precise voyage estimates, Weathernews' smart solution allows users to simulate vessel routes using different speeds and even changes of destination, so they can accurately estimate voyage time (ETA), fuel consumption, and the CO2 cost impact. The vessel performance database behind this innovative function includes not only ships already using Weathernews’ routing service, but all other vessels submitting AIS data – amounting to over 32,000 ships globally. This broader coverage empowers customers' chartering managers, operation managers, and commercial departments to make informed decisions regarding voyage costs both pre- and post-fixture.


"Available exclusively in our SeaNavigator tool, this release represents a key step in our commitment to building a robust data community and helping to accelerate the decarbonization of shipping. The enhancement provides our customers with actionable data insights through an all-in-one solution, supporting critical needs in terms of safety, cost optimization, and profit maximisation," said Keemoon Kwon, Head of Global Sales & Marketing, Sea Planning Group.


Weathernews continues to lead the way in providing cutting-edge weather intelligence and voyage optimization solutions, ensuring our shipping industry clients are well equipped to manage the rapidly changing maritime landscape.


About Weathernews Inc:
Weathernews Inc. was founded in 1986 as a service provider supporting safe maritime operations for shipping companies, and is today a global leader in the field of weather intelligence, forecasting, route optimization, emission monitoring, performance monitoring, and more. Currently, we employ about 1,100 industry professionals and dedicated staff members, all of whom are united by our vision to protect, care for, and make use of the latest technology in order to deliver benefits for our customers worldwide. In addition to our network of offices, Weathernews also operates two private satellites and several advanced weather radars around the globe.


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