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To reduce the risk of natural disasters and improve resilience

Mutual Cooperation by Signing MOU with Bangkok Metropolitan Government

linking weather radars and rain gauges to operate highly accurate proprietary forecast models

Weathernews Inc. (Headquarters: Mihama-ku, Chiba City; President: Chihito Kusabiraki; hereinafter referred to as "WNI") and the Bangkok Metropolitan Government (Governor: Chatchart Sittipan; hereinafter referred to as "BMA") are pleased to announce that they have signed an MOU. By applying the rainfall amount and area forecasting models and technology operated by WNI and applying the observation data owned by the BMA, we will be able to provide highly accurate local rainfall forecasts and nowcasts. The technology will be used by both parties as a way to predict flooding risks and will contribute to reducing the risk of natural disasters and strengthening resilience in Bangkok.

Signing ceremony


Joint speech BMA Governor Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt (left)
Embassy of Japan in Thailand Deputy Chief Mr.Oba Yuichi (right)
WNI Senior Managing Executive Officer Sawato Hayashi (center)

Agreement Purpose

Signing ceremony

Memorandum of understanding between the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Weathernews Inc. concerning cooperation in enhancing natural disaster risk reduction and management in Bangkok


Agreement Date

March 31, 2023


Agreement Details


1) Provide WNI with real-time observation data and C-Band Radar data
2) Provide/secure premises and space for installation and operation of the equipment (Eagle Radars, live cameras, and weather stations), and their peripheral equipment


1) Forecast precipitation phenomena for the next three hours at five-minute intervals, mainly in Bangkok, using weather radar and rain gauge data obtained from the BMA, and provide the data to the BMA.
2) Deployment of a High-density Observation Network in Bangkok and its nearby regions

Weathernews’ developed AI-based precipitation nowcasting system:
Integrated nowcasting system from multiple modules with Deep Learning and Fluid Dynamic models for high accuracy


Upcoming Schedule Related to MOU

After April 2023:
・Start of provision of AI short-term precipitation forecast (nowcast)
・Installation of weather observation equipment and the start of data use


Our Role and Future Initiatives

In Thailand, like Japan, natural disasters that threaten human life and property occur almost every month, and the improvement of precipitation prediction technology has become a social issue. Utilizing Weathernews' own weather analysis and precipitation forecasting technology, we will operate an AI-based short-time precipitation forecast (nowcast) model, for Bangkok from April. In addition, by collecting BMA's own weather radar and rain gauge data, as well as our own observation data, we aim to update forecast (nowcasting) frequently and improve forecast (nowcasting) accuracy.

In addition, in order to support countermeasures against natural disasters that are becoming more extreme due to climate change, WNI is developing technologies to promote early warning through the use of weather information, including disaster prevention solutions for factories in Thailand. In the future, WNI will utilize our experience in providing services in about 50 countries, our weather forecasting technology, which has achieved the No. 1 position in forecast accuracy in Japan (*1). Through the new forecasting model to be operated through this alliance, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society in Thailand. The company will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society in Thailand.

Weathernews Wins No. 1 in Forecast Accuracy for Weather Forecasting Service - According to a survey by Tokyo Shoko Research, Ltd.



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