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Donations by Posting Sky and Seasonal Photos on Weather News App Special Charity Weather Report to Aid Victims of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Users could donate to the organization of their choice by sending a Weather Report between February 21 and 27.


We extend our deepest sympathies to the victims of the earthquake that struck southeastern Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023.


Weathernews, Inc. conducted a special donation initiative in which app users could express their support, to the areas affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, by submitting photos of the sky and seasons via the Weathernews app.

Weathernews donated one yen toward the relief efforts in Turkey and Syria for every “Thanks Point” collected, through app users posting photos of the sky, seasonal topics (Weather Reports) or participation in surveys (comprehensively called “Sora Missions”) via the Weathernews mobile app during a seven-day period from February 21 to 27.

The Turkey-Syria Earthquake caused massive destruction in the two countries, and relief efforts continue. As a commercial company that provides weather and disaster prevention information, Weathernews decided to implement this initiative to contribute to the relief efforts in the affected areas jointly with app users. We hope to raise awareness of disaster prevention and disaster mitigation among our users while fostering a culture of looking at the sky on a daily basis and submitting weather reports. New initiatives using weather reports will continue to be promoted from time to time.


Donations could be made to:
    -   Japanese Red Cross Society: For local relief and reconstruction efforts
    -   UNICEF: For children affected by the disaster and for local humanitarian aid activities


The "Weather Report" program is an initiative that began in November 2005 to encourage users of the Weathernews weather app to submit their photos of the sky. Weathernews' Forecast Center constantly checks these weather reports 24 hours a day, utilizing them for forecast improvement. Changes in the sky and weather conditions that cannot be captured by weather observation equipment can be grasped through these weather reports, increasing the accuracy of weather forecasts. The habit of looking at the sky daily to submit weather reports can raise awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation, and for this reason, we will continue to promote Weather Report initiatives with our users.




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