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FMCG / Retail Weather Innovation Webinar

How to analyze weather impact on the FMCG market during COVID-19

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Weathernews Inc. (WNI) held this webinar on 16th July 2020 with 45 participants as the first part in a series of “FMCG/Retail Weather Innovation” webinars. This webinar was a new opportunity for FMCG, Retailers in Europe to understand common challenges, especially around innovative demand analysis technology with machine learning for weather factor, promotion factor, event factor and impact by COVID-19. WNI will keep the series of webinar on a monthly basis as a facilitator for all those market players.

If you have any further question or requests regarding this first webinar, please feel free to contact to us:


WNI / Hiro OGATA - Global Marketing Leader
~ About WNI and Technical outline ~
• Brief introduction of Weathernews, its global service organization and core competences: multi-industry expertise, observation infrastructure, unique processes and state-of-the-art; A.I. based solutions e.g. Sell-in / Sell out Total impact analysis and Demand prediction with risk communication to for better decisionmaking.
• Weather database platform is covering the current needs of European FMCG/Retailers markets based on WNI technologies, e.g. high resolution and high update frequency modeling with machine learning and ensemble processes.

WNI / Hugo APPELGREN – FMCG/Retail Product Manager
~ The statistical method of sales decomposition ~
• How can you explain your year on year sales increase and decrease?
e.g. Why have your sales increased by 21% in the week of 2020?
• The results, weather, promotion, trend, calendar, others factors.
• Required data on WNI and customer’s side.
• With AI/Statistic models: explaining what drives sales.

~ Business case of sales decomposition under COVID-19 ~
• Real case study: Beverages, Sell-in, Off trade.
• Sales variation compared to previous year with fact of the impact, world cup, heat waves, normal factors, COVID period fact is clarified.
• How to explain variations in a normal conditions by weather, promotion and other factors.
• In heat wave period, world cup period, COVID period shows each monthly decomposition factors in percentages by our impact analysis.
• Why it is important to clean your sales?
• What is decomposition analysis provided for? To know product base line, promotion impact, future risk of weather or pandemic.


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