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Launching a “Sales/Production Planning Support Service” for Leading South Korean Food Manufacturer Pulmuone

Working to achieve optimal inventory management and waste loss reductions to realize a sustainable society

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On April 1st, Weathernews Inc. launched a “Sales/Production Planning Support Service” for “Pulmuone” (CEO: Lee Hyo-yul), a leading food manufacturer in South Korea.

This “Sales/Production Planning Support Service” will provide long-term weather predictions, demand forecasts, weather impact analyses, and other information to support manufacturers of food, beverages, and daily necessities, the demand of which is greatly affected by weather conditions. 

This service will support the preparation of sales/production plans for up to six months ahead, taking consumer demand into consideration. Currently, a large proportion of manufacturers develop sales/ production plans on the basis of experience, but if they make use of this service, it will be possible to design plans with explicit knowledge based on objective data. In this way, they can be sure to achieve reductions in product shortages and waste loss, irrespective of staff members’ level of experience. 

Weathernews has already started operation of this service in Japan and France, and we are now expanding this business to South Korea. Looking ahead, we will continue our efforts to support optimal inventory management, reductions in waste loss, and maximizing revenues through weather marketing, working together with domestic and overseas companies that form the supply chain, such as retailers, manufacturers, and wholesale businesses. Through this and other initiatives, we are committed to aiming for the realization of a sustainable society.


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