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Multinational Delegation of Japan-based Diplomats Visits Weathernews

 On July 10th, a multinational delegation comprising 40 ambassadors and diplomats based in Japan from 40 different countries visited the Weathernews Inc. Global Center. This visit was jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center as part of a fact-finding tour of businesses and research/educational facilities in Chiba City. The following sites were selected: Weathernews, as one of the leading businesses in Makuhari New City; and Makuhari Messe, a venue for a major international sporting event to be held in Tokyo in 2020.

The visiting delegation of Japan-based diplomats

 At our Global Center, the visiting delegation viewed our operations floor, from where we provide a diverse range of services, such as for transportation infrastructure, from shipping and aviation to roads and railways, as well as other services related to distribution and electric power. In addition, information was gathered and opinions exchanged regarding the role and activities of a private-sector weather company in Japan and its positive effects on society. In particular, we received questions concerning the features and need for Weathernews’ original prediction techniques and observation infrastructure, and participants expressed their high expectations for our future expansion into new fields.

View of the visit to our Global Center

We kindly received many comments from the participating ambassadors and diplomats, such as: “In my country, weather information is really unreliable, and we would be very grateful if Weathernews could share their know-how with us,” “It was great to see an actual workplace turning weather information into a business,” and “I felt that my country needs this too. I want to consider it further, so I would like to continue exchanging opinions.”

At Weathernews, making active use of all kinds of weather information, we will continue our efforts to make a contribution to disaster prevention/mitigation and economic activities around the world, working in ever-closer collaboration with relevant organizations.

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