Weather Sensor that can Monitor Six Elements--Air Temperature, Humidity and Ultraviolet Rays--and Connectable to Your Smartphone

WxBeacon 2 is a compact weather sensor that automatically observes six weather elements 24 hours a day: air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, brightness, ultraviolet rays and noise. Weighing only 16 grams (including battery), it is light and easy to carry around. By connecting to the "Weather News" smartphone app via Bluetooth, and real time observation data can be checked using the app. If you are one of our weather reporters in Japan, the observation data of WxBeacon 2 can be easily incorporated into your weather report. The data transmitted is used to monitor weather conditions and improve forecast accuracy.

WxBeacon2 Specifications

Size H 46mm × W 39mm × L 14.6mm
Weight 16g(including battery)
Measurement elements air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, brightness (illuminance), ultraviolet rays, noise