Cookie Policy

In Weathernews, Inc., to analyze your usage of the web site, with respect to improve the service for individual customers, for the purpose of, for example, to provide customized services and advertising for individual customers, using the Cookie to will collect certain information.

  1. About Cookie
    • What Is Cookie information that you have a look at this site, is that of the customer's computer (or Internet-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablet) should be stored in the function. You can get information such as web site visits and visited page of the available computer by using the Cookie. In addition, "information that can identify you personally" to the information to be collected through the Cookie is not included at all. Customers will be able to reject the Cookie by the browser settings, but if that is denied, please understand that it may not receive part of the service.
  2. Purpose of Cookie
    • (1) To the customer to browse the web site, to identify the customer's computer, we use in order to be able to use the service. Therefore, by the customer to save the Cookie on your computer, such as it is unnecessary to repeatedly enter the same information, increases the convenience of access to the web site on the browser.
    • (2) In Weathernews, using the information that was collected using the Cookie, usage of your web site of the analysis (access conditions, traffic, routing, etc.), to provide performance improvements and the web site itself, to customers from Weathernews improve service, you may want to use for improvement.
    • Also, in this analysis, we mainly used the following tools.
  3. Denial method of Cookie and similar technology
    • (1) Reject all of the Cookie method
      "Cookie on your device, or you are going to remove itself, or a certain expiration date To expire, it will remain in the device." It has enabled the automatic acceptance of Cookie by default in most browsers, but the customer is possible to disable the Cookie by changing the settings of the browser. However, if you disable the Cookie, such as the function of a part of the web site cannot be used, please note that there is a case where a part of the page is not displayed correctly.
    • (2) Deny specific Cookie
      The method for stopping the provision of information to the tool described in 2 (2) section are respectively described in the link destination to be described below. However, if you delete all of these Cookie information, please note that there be constrained in order to take advantage of the products and services that each company has to offer.
  4. Contact information