The Origin of Weathernews!

“I want to protect the lives of mariners.” “I want to help in time of crisis.”

January, 1970. Fukushima, Japan.
An explosive low-pressure system hits the local port of Onahama, Japan.
The cargo vessel sinks, and the lives of 15 crew are lost.
Forecasting weather risks using the forecasting techniques of the day was difficult if not impossible.
If only better information were available, this accident could have been avoided.

“If there had been really useful weather information, maybe this accident could have been prevented.”
Feeling a sense of responsibility for this incident,company founder Hiro Ishibashi advanced the private weather forecasting industry by establishing Weathernews Inc. in 1986.

Since then, our forecasting and weather-based risk communication services have expanded to cover all types of business and our daily lives. However, Weathernews’ mission still protects the lives of sailors.
Now, Weathernews is a company dedicated to helping in any kind of natural disaster, and all our staff keep this mission in their heart.

Evolution to a Full Service Weather Company

  • 1970s

    As a company specializing in marine weather, WNI (formerly Oceanroutes) provided weather routing services recommending the safest and most economical route to vessels.

  • 1980s

    Began providing pinpoint weather service to catering companies in order to eliminate the losses from unsold box lunches on rainy days.

  • 1983

    Started providing realtime satellite images for TV stations.

  • 1985

    Began aviation weather services, supporting safe flights for Honda Airlines.

  • 1986


    WEATHERNEWS INC. was founded in Minato-ku, Tokyo, as a weather content maker for the purpose of serving all the weather markets.

  • 1988


    It established WEATHERNEWS AMERICA INC. 

  • 1990


    Opened Makuhari General Service Center in Chiba, Japan.

  • 1993


    Acquired Oceanroutes.

  • 1994


    Established Weathernews Korea Inc.

  • 1999


    Started delivering weather information to NTT DoCoMo i-mode users (Japan).

  • 2000


    Acquired BV Weerbureau HWS (established through the privatization of the commercial department of the Dutch government’s weather agency) as a subsidiary via stock acquisition.

  • December

    Made an initial public offering to NASDAQ Japan.

  • Started delivering “Weathernews” to the BS digital data weather channel.

  • 2002


    Started delivering weather information to E-Plus cellular phone users (Germany).

  • April

    Started delivering weather information in NTT DoCoMo i-mode format to KPN cellular phone users (Netherlands).

  • May

    Supported weather-related administrative and response measures at 2002 FIFA World Cup soccer stadiums in Japan.

  • 2003


    Established Weathernews Shanghai Co,Ltd. in China.

  • November

    Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • December

    Started delivering weather information to three major cellular phone users (US).

  • 2004


    Started delivering weather information to China Mobile.

  • October

    Opened U.S. Operations Center in Norman, Oklahoma, Mecca for meteorological research and development in the world.

  • Established WEATHERNEWS U.K. LTD. in London.

  • 2005


    Signed transport weather business support agreement with Korean Air.

  • 2006



  • March

    Established Weathernews Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

  • July

    Started preparation for launching a ultra-compact observation satellite "WNI Satellite"

  • Established Global Ice Center for monitoring and forecasting polar ice to support the Arctic Ocean routing.

  • November

    Established Weathernews India Pvt. Ltd.

  • 2008


    The Chairman Hiroyoshi Ishibashi was chosen as one of the "Entrepreneurs of the Year Japan 2008".

  • 2009


    Released a smartphone application "Weathernews Touch" via iPhone.

  • October

    Started expanding its proprietary WITH Rader Network across Japan.

  • 2010


    Started delivering weather contents to Monternet, a cellular phone portal service net, run by China Mobile, a leading Chinese mobile phone provider.

  • August

    Weathernews Global Ice Center started.

  • September

    Installed meteorological observation system in base stations in collaboration with KDDI CORPORATION, and announced a new sense of content "Sora-tenna" (WITH Sensor) to share collected weather data with WNI supporters.

  • Weathernews Oklahoma Innovation Center initiated its development of infrastructure for realizing unconventional, innovative services.

  • 2011


    Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Weathernews began initiating its efforts for developing "TSUNAMI Radarcast" to transmit information on tsunami onset earlier and help mitigate damages as part of WNI's recovery and rehabilitation support.

  • May

    Started delivering "weather news" to users of the navigation system installed in Toyota vehicles.

  • September

    Established Weathernews Singapore Pte. Ltd.

  • 2012


    Started providing weather contents for a Kakao Talk application used by 3.3 million people in South Korea

  • April

    Started providing aviation weather service to one of the top 5 Chinese airlines, Xiamen Air.

  • 2013


    Supported the team of Yuichiro Miura (aged 80), a world's oldest mountaineer, for their climbing of Mt. Everest.

  • November

    Succeeded in launching a ultra-compact proprietary satellite "WNISAT-1"

  • 2014


    Strengthened support system for shipping companies and opened Manila Operation Center.

  • December

    Opened Jakarta Office in the capital of Indonesia.

  • 2015


    Acquired the application business of a US social weather company Weathermob.

  • June

    Opened Voyage Planning Service Center in Copenhagen.

  • Made a partnership for weather data with Netatmo, one of the world's largest French meteorological network service company.

  • July

    Opened Hanoi office in the capital of Vietnam.

Our Dream

Weathernews as a weather information exchange platform for each and every people worldwide.