The 22nd TFMS Forum in Copenhagen
October 6th, 2016


Minimize Loss Strategy with You

Due to the excessive supply of ships in the market, the shipping industry has been exposed to a historical recession the last one to two years. It will take some time to recover good market conditions. Weathernews is developing a variety of platform-type-services for the purpose of minimizing the loss in shipping operations. What we would like to discuss in this forum is what could be the strategy to minimize the loss by enhancing operational techniques, in order to overcome the current market environment together.

9:00 Registration, Coffee & Danish +Tour of Museum
10:00 Opening Remarks Chihito Kusabiraki
10:15 MRV regulations
Requirements of EU MRV regulations
Challenges for shipping company
Takeshi Shimada
Class NK
EEDI Department,General Manager
11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Suggested countermeasures
Emission Status Monitoring service
Hiroaki Shimada
Performance Monitoring Team
12:00 Lunch & Networking

Track 1: Liner Business Optimization

13:30 Efforts for the minimization of loss in the container ship operations Capt. Zadok Radecker
Network Opimization
14:00 Proposals for loss minimization of container operations
・Safe operation in consideration of sea keeping
・Optimal balance schedule and fuel economy
・Monitoring enhancement during the voyage
Amy Buhl
Chief Operations Manager

Track 2: Operational Cost Reduction for Trampers

13:30 Ship performance monitoring and its utilization in operation of bulk and tanker ships Ivana Melillo
Fleet Performance Manager
14:00 Proposals for loss minimization of Dry and Tanker operations
・Business planning accuracy enhancement for profit maximization
・Demonstrated speed and consumption analysis in a realtime
・Enhanced en-route performance monitoring tool
Jesse Vecchione, Operations Leader
Satoru Ueno , Product Development Manager

15:00 Open Discussion
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Closing Remarks Thomas Skov, Executive Officer, Weathernews
16:10 Poster Sessions, Drinks 1. Weather Accuracy Improvement Initiative
2. Safety Enhancement by Share for Gain
3. “LOOP” Liner Optimum Operation Platorm
4. ”T-MAX” Tramper Profit Maximization Platorm
5. Polar Routeing with Advanced Ice Forecast Technology
17:00 Museum closes

Venue and Address

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark
Ny Kronborgvej 1 DK-3000 Elsinore CVRnr. 64509918
TEL:+45 49210685


Lasse Trillingsgaard Urth
TEL:+45 2912 6421