A glance into the future

Data allows organizations to measure the effectiveness of a given strategy, and collecting data will determine how well our solution is delivering the expected results, and whether or not the process needs to be changed in the long term. 

Our ultimate goal is to launch a proprietary trading system to convert the CO2 reduction efforts in environmental assets for exchange, and we already have a name for this initiative:

Marine Carbon Blocking (MCB). 

The Scope of MCB​

MCB is a cap-and-trade digital marketplace for carbon credit offsetting, based on blockchain technology. We are working hard with all our partners to go live during 2021, and if you would like to play an active role in this exciting initiative we invite you to reach out to us!  

We envision a multi-staged approach to MCB adoption

In the initial stage, we see the platform to be used among companies with a common interest to reduce CO2 emissions, within a similar business, and with a voluntary willingness to get together in a closed group. An example is the Sea Cargo Charter. What we would like to do is to offer the best possible back end to make this possible, and to be able to offset within the closed enclave or consortium. 

In a subsequent stage, we aim to open the MCB to the many carbon off-setting projects in the market. 

CIM, and it’s intrinsic quality of the data, is the backbone of the MCB project, and this is the reason why we invite all our clients to start applying for CIM the soonest, and enjoy the flexibility of a secured and trusted dataset.